STEM Crowd Grants are currently only available to California Stem Startups.CrowdGrants.us was set up to fulfill a need to bring Startups into compliance and lend a helping hand to the best ideas that might have exponential benefits to our Sustainable Future. Good business mentorship has proven to reduce risk and startup failure. A Crowd Grant fits into the startup ecosystem at the !01 Incubator assuring us that your Business had been organized correctly from the start. While Crowd Grants can be for a wide variety of needs. Some Grants on a project by project basis. We ask that you obtain the first 20% of funds requested from your own Friends and Family before we make your CrowdGrant Public. This assures us and complete strangers considering your Crowd Grant request of your commitment. Crowd Grants do not need Rewards and no Payback or equity is expected. Many people are happy to help knowing that you at some point will pay it Forward. Crowd Grants are for those start up costs needed to move onto the next phase of your idea or projects short term needs. Emergency type needs for medical and living expenses are best served by GoFund me campaigns. Crowd Grants must have a STEM or Sustainability goal stated.
All requests may be submitted via this site for consideration if your project or request fits with our STEM Ethos you could be on your way.
At this point we are restricted to California we hope to be open in Other areas as fast as legal restrictions will allow.[wpneo_crowdfunding_dashboard]